About Us


The mission of NX Stage Security is to manufacture Intrusion Prevention Products to protect every door and window in your home or business. People who have purchased our products continue to say how much safer they feel in their homes, while NOT having that jail-cell feel that some security doors have. We are a Certified Small Business through the state of California that allows us to also work on state and government projects.


The principals at NX Stage have been designing, manufacturing, and installing security gates, doors, and windows for over 17 years. But, it was through these hundreds of customers that a common need was articulated: “What do you have that will protect our sliding glass door? We have been looking for years and have found NOTHING!” After hearing this for years and after finding nothing available on the market, we decided to create such a product.

In 2007, the first version of our Sliding Security Door was created and installed – this one using bars, utilized hinges and covered only one side. The following year, the design was changed to cover both sides, with one side hinged and the other using a roller system, but with both sides still using bars.

Then in late 2009 – early 2010, the SLIDER BACK was born. This version used no hinges, instead utilizing a full roller bearing system for both doors making it the first true SLIDING SECURITY DOOR. Finally, the bars were completely removed by changing the design to use thick perforated steel screen. This current version has struck a chord with homeowners looking for an industrial grade security product with both function (sliding doors not hinged) and form (no bars and minimalist design) and is under patent pending protection.

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